What is GreenChainsaw4Life?

    It’s a project aimed at managing local forest in a innovative, sustainable and shared way, for fighting climatic and enviromental risk such as fire, hydrogeological instability, and loss biodiversity and using/use the wood obtained to producer green energy and biomaterials for benefit of the economy local and nature by implementing an integrated local plan for climate, energy and bioeconomy in the Po, Bronda, and Infernotto Valleys


    Forestry supply chain

    Climate smart

    Starting from an analysis of local forest resources that takes into account environmental risks and production potential, “climate-proof” silvicultural approaches will be identified which/ that will be tested on forests with priority intervention through the involvement of forest owners. The wood obtained from forest improvement works will be used to develop s KM0 biomaterial catalog and the energy yield of biomass not-destined for transformation will be evaluated/assessed.

    Low emission
    Energy Community

    Following the mapping of energy consumption on the territory and the estimation of the current use of energy from fossil sources, a strategy of energy efficiency and transition to systems of diffuse generation of green energy and low emission will be planned. Selectin the best available technologies for heating and micro-cogeneration from local wood, will be evaluated the possibility of creating a local energy community powered by renewable energies.

    Participated and

    high-tech project

    The data collected during the analysis of forests and local energy system will be used to develop a digital platform to support planning, free access to all subjects of territory. Stakeholders will be able to contribute to the planning process by organising thematic events open to the community and by developing an app for gathering information, opinions and preferences

    The model of supply chain GreenChainSAW4Life

    Through the cooperation between all the public and private entities, the implementation of the model of wood industry GreenChainSAW4Life allow to maintain on the territory the expreses deriving from the energetic consumption of the ommunity, maximizing the repercussion from the point of view of partner- and increasing the added value of local forest resources.


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